You don't have to do without eating mouthwatering Italian food ever again!
  • Private and public classes for every skill level

  • Taught via Zoom by a real chef live from Tuscany, so you don't have to leave your house or travel to learn

  • Techniques and secrets you can't find in books or online recipes - improve your cooking EVEN IF you already know what you're doing in the kitchen
  • Entertaining, relaxed and fun...ask all the questions you want and interact freely with the chef
  • Budget friendly options so you can massively improve your cooking without spending a fortune
  • Authentic, rustic cuisine that you will love, even if you thought you'd never get to eat tasty Italian food ever again

I've learned to make so many incredible gluten-free Italian meals.  My whole family looks forward to my cooking class nights - it's the highlight of our week!

Lori Miller, San Diego

Are you tired of making do with the same old boring options when everyone else is eating annoyingly delicious pasta? 

Yeah, we see you.

Fed up at having so few quick, easy dishes you can throw together last minute and get that amazing Italian flavor? Spiralized zucchini is a modern miracle, but it's not quite the same, is it? And gluten-free pasta is a lovely effort, but it will never be anything but a poor runner up in the 'things I want to shove in my face' race, let's be honest.

If you've been longing for food that has the same oomph and mmmm as a big old plate of penne, but without the gluten or the compromise on flavor and texture, we have SUCH good news for you...

You can learn how to make a whole variety of delicious, gluten-free Italian dishes simply, quickly and easily!

Just a few of the gluten-free dishes that have sustained Tuscan peasants since the dawn of olive oil:

Everyone thinks of pasta when they think of Italian food, but you can see that the Tuscany region of Italy has a wide range of incredibly delicious gluten-free dishes.

It isn't fancy 5 star cuisine...this is what the families in that region have been cooking together for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They are time-tested, affordable, hearty meals that are made with simple, fresh ingredients put together in exactly the right way. 

Meats, seafood and vegetables...there is something for every palate and preference...and no gluten to be seen!

Why take a class instead of eating out, ordering in, or buying a pre-made meal?

  • Price! You may spend more initially to take a class, but you'll save yourself a LOT of money over time if you know how to cook gluten-free Italian meals for yourself.

  • Satisfaction. There's nothing quite as empowering as being able to feed yourself something that tastes amazing and is good for you.

  • Entertainment. A real chef live on Zoom with you, and not just any chef (more on him later...)

  • Health. When you're cooking for yourself you can be sure of what's going into your food, you can buy organic or local or whatever else makes you feel a good inside.

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could EASILY learn to recreate dishes like this from your own kitchen, discovering the secrets that only those born and raised in Tuscany know? Wouldn't it transform what you eat forever?


Your Personal Tuscan Chef

Hi! I'm Davide Cerretini, born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. I spent 30 years running my own restaurants in San Francisco, before returning to my native Tuscany last year. 

I have been teaching people to cook the food I grew up with for years, and I have seen so many people who think they can't eat Italian food because they can't eat gluten. I have a special passion for helping everyone to enjoy my regional cuisine and I don't want gluten to prevent ANYONE from learning to eat this unbelievably delicious food.

Come and have fun with me while we cook together via Zoom and I share all the tricks and secrets handed down by my grandmother to me when I was just a boy cooking alongside her in her tiny rustic kitchen in Tuscany. I promise you will learn things you would never learn from a cookbook or an online search, and what you learn you can use to transform your cooking forever!


You can join a public zoom class at a set time and cook a short, easy gluten-free meal along with everyone else.

You can do one (or more) private classes with the chef via zoom so you can narrow in on exactly the dishes and techniques you want to learn and get undivided attention and help.

You can invite a group of your friends and family to do a private group zoom with you so everyone can share the fun (and the cost!)

From hearty peasant sausage-and-beans to the most refined, delicate risotto...there are so many incredible gluten-free dishes from Tuscany!

Choose the kind of class you want to take:

Private Zoom Class


Group Zoom Class

"Three Cheers for Davide!

My family (who are spread around the world) and I had the most marvelous evening with Davide at the helm. He explained the meaning of the Italian words that we weren’t familiar with, was amusing and very helpful. It was super having him cook at the same time, too! After the meal was made, we all sat in our respective homes and enjoyed the delicious food, wine and each other’s company.  Thank you, Davide."

Russ Smith, South Africa

"Cooking with Davide is the highpoint of our week!

The dishes are easy to learn to make and use such simple ingredients, but they're FULL of flavor. I love spending Thursdays cooking along, but I also really enjoy making these recipes again and again--and my family loves to eat them!"

Sara B, USA

"Super Delicious!

My kids loved the lamb, needed to have cooked more. Already asking when I can make this again. My daughter is ready to try the cold green bean sandwich for lunch tomorrow."

Sean W, Seattle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

You can cancel any booking within 24 hours for a full refund (unless the class has already happened). After that time we don't offer a refund, but you can reschedule up to two times for a different date or time by contacting support. 

Do I need any special equipment or supplies?

Nope! All of our dishes can be cooked in small spaces with only what is found in most kitchens. 
How do I choose which dishes I want to cook for the private classes?

Chef Davide will contact you personally after you book to discuss your options and help you figure out the dish or dishes that would be perfect for you.

What if I need to change the date or time of my private class?

That's no problem...you can contact chef Davide up to a week before your class to reschedule.

What if I'm vegetarian or vegan?

Fantastic! Chef Davide can help you choose some of the amazing vegetarian and vegan options available once you have booked your class.