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THE NEW YORK TIMES by David Streitfeld

Give Botto Five Stars For Undermining Yelp

"The bistro did not want to be reviewed and let itself be subject to the whims of people with no names but plenty of opinions"

CNET by Chris Matiszczyk

To mock Yelp, Botto asks customers for awful reviews

"This truly is the most disgraceful, decrepit, nauseating, insulting and head-bangingly stupefying intimidation of a large organization by a small business that I have ever seen"

RADIO FREE RICHMOND by Don Gosney and Felix Hunziker

Botto Bistro a restaurant of contradictions

"Only after reading through their FAQ section will you fully understand the brilliance that is Botto Bistro"  

NEXTSHARK by Benny Luo

Botto Just Gave the Most Epic ‘F*ck You’ to Yelp

"The owner of Botto Bistro share the best business advise ever"


Giving the finger to Yelp

"At this point Richmond's Botto Bistro needs no introduction


Audio interview hosted by Gill Gross

"Brilliant! Brilliant!"

ARSTECHNICA by Cyrus Farivar

Why Botto gives discount for bad reviews

"The message is clear: the food should speak for itself"

BLISSTREE by Lauryn Paiva

Botto deserves all the stars for putting Yelp in its place

"Genius? Check. Evil genius? Check. I love when restaurants stick it to the man"

KINJA KITCHENETTE by C.A Pinkham                

Restaurant Flips Off Yelp in the Funniest Way Possible

"It's really, really great to see business owners finding clever ways to give Yelp the finger"


Beating Yelp At Its Own Game

"Botto one-star reviews are something entirely more brilliant"

USA TODAY by Ed Brackett              

Restaurant fights Yelp, seeks one-star reviews

"Cerretini gets a laugh out of Botto Bistro's own Yelp profile, which declares, "Bad Tuscan food, bad customer service and horrible attitude."  

TIME MAGAZINE by Brad Tuttle

Botto Tries to Undermine Yelp in a Way You Won't Believe

"the “Hate Us on Yelp” campaign calls into question the validity of Yelp ratings"

SFGATE INSIDESCOOP by Paolo Lucchesi                   

Richmond restaurant encourage bad review

'Botto is not very concerned about its Yelp rating'   

ABC by Stefanie Tuder (video)         

On a Quest to Be Yelp's Worst Restaurant

"Cerretini cheekily fired back, expressing his distaste for Yelp’s policy of allegedly removing reviews in exchange for “vague explanations.”       

ABC NEWS by Stefanie Tuder

On a quest to become the worst reviewed restaurant

"Cerretini's business strategy is one that most restaurant owners probably wouldn't endorse"

THE DAILY MAIL (From the UK) by Erin Clements

Botto protests Yelp by asking customers to leave nasty reviews

"the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that even if the site did manipulate review to penalize businesses, it would not constitute extortion"

THE EXAMINER by Jeff Sherwood

Bad reviews to fight back Yelp

"Not only has the businesses benefitted from more customers but they are more loyal and they spend more money"

INC.COM by Jill Krasny

The Brilliance of Botto, the Worst-Rated Restaurant

"When Bay Area restaurant Botto Bistro wanted to tell Yelp the site could take its reviews and shove it, customers were all too happy to help"

CASENGO by Kelly

Botto Bistro vs Yelp

"Botto took its rage at Yelp’s attitude and turned it into incredible service for their own customers"


Live video interview CNBC

"Yelp has no power over us"


Yelp battles extortion

"Instead of trying to get better reviews, they decided to take a different approach: get terrible ones"


Live interview by Josh Zepps

"Meet the owner of the worst rated restaurant on Yelp"

CBS NEWS (Video)

Richmond Restaurant Hacks Yelp by encouraging bad reviews

"Forget impeccable customer service"

CNN by Melvin Backman 

Hate Us On Yelp

"At last count Botto Bistro had more than 1,000 one-star reviews on Yelp, not counting the ones the site removed for violating its terms of service"

BIZUTV (Video)

Restaurant Reaches Goal Of Being Worst Rated On Yelp

THE LIP TV by Lissette Padilla (Video)

Restaurant Tries to Be the Worst Rated on Yelp

AOL by Erik Sherman                       

Why a restaurant asks for bad reviews

"What could stop Botto Bistro's success now? Could this be the first time a restaurant could be hurt by good reviews?"

247SPORT CBS.COM by D A Stankovic

Home town heroes flipp off Yelp

"Botto business has seen an expansion and they sent back a snarky letter in response basically telling yelp to go fuck themselves"


In Prase of Fake Reviews

"Like a cult movie, Botto Bistro sets out to be uncompromising"

AUDIENCE BLOOM by Drew Hendricks

How One Company Committed Ranking Suicide for Positive PR

"Sometimes, logical strategies aren’t the only option"


Restaurant Gets Creative With Funny Yelp Reviews

"The quality of customers they are getting is becoming better as well"

CUSTOMER THINK by Peter Leppik

People Hate Us On Yelp

"I like they way they turn the whole concept of Yelp on its head, rendering powerless a big company"


Why Botto Bistro’s Review Strategy Worked

"The Botto Bistro strategy wouldn’t have been funny or helpful if they didn’t genuinely make great food that people love"

THE BRAISER by Marcy Franklin

One Californian Restaurant’s Quest to Take Down Yelp, One 1-Star Review at a Time

"So we’re not the only ones who find bad Yelp reviews hilarious and meaningful"


Discounts For One-Star Yelp Reviews

"The cause of this success is likely due to a combination of the restaurant’s snark and cuisine"

THE DAILY MEAL by Joanna Fantozzi

Restaurant’s Genius Sign Takes on Bad Yelp Practices

"The Botto Bistro restaurant in San Francisco has a few choice words for Yelp’s blackmailing practices"


Botto Bistro’s One-Star Squabble with Yelp

This is another example of how people are making it clear that they don’t like it when big-name organizations try to control the little guy.

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