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The Simple, Fun & Exciting Way For You to MASTER The Art of Cooking Authentic Tuscan Cuisine in 6 weeks

"I've been taking Davide’s Virtual cooking course and have learned to make so many incredible meals. Davide walks us through every step of the preparation and teaches us all of the tips and tricks that he learned while cooking in the kitchen with his Nonna in Italy. My whole family looks forward to cooking class nights - it’s the highlight of our week! Thanks to Davide, I’m starting to think like an Italian in the kitchen!"


For many, Italian food conjures up simple images of hearty pasta or freshly baked pizza. But Tuscan cuisine includes so much more. It covers a wide variety of tantalizing and colorful dishes that have been passed down for generations that span centuries of time.

Tuscan cuisine is deeply rich in flavor and made with fresh meats, seafood, and regional vegetables. What makes this specific type of Italian cuisine so amazing besides the variety of unique tastes, scrumptious textures, and explosive flavors, is its simplicity.

Thhigh level of expertiseproficiencyand simplicity when it comes to cooking
Tuscan dishes that’ll wow your friends and family must be correctly learned.
It can be easy to get even the most subtle steps wrong. But getting
them right can make all the difference in the world.

The good news is, starting your own journey into becoming a master at Tuscan cuisine doesnt have to be overly complicated or frustratingIt can actually be a whole lot of fun. And putting yourself on the fast track to Tuscan cooking success is about to get a whole lot easier as well!

Now instead of trying to figure out all the little (yet vital) tricks and secrets of the trade when it comes to cooking authentic Tuscan dishes that are sure to please the most demanding taste buds, everything will be shown to you LIVE, IN REAL TIME  and by an experienced chef from the heart of Italy!

Imagine being able to cook one or more of these authentic Tuscan dishes for your friends or family, any time you want...

Introducing One-on-One and Small Group 

STEP-BY-STEP Tuscan Cooking Lessons (Via Zoom) 

With Expert Chef - Davide Cerretini!

When it comes to becoming a master at Tuscan Cuisine, would you rather learn from a generic book or one-on-one lessons from an experienced Tuscan chef who has been cooking, running restaurants and teaching for over 20 years?

And would you be interested in not only cooking up flavor-rich Tuscan dishes that have been perfected by generations of Italian families, but also learning the secret tips, tricks and techniques that make these recipes stand the test of time?

If you are ready to get personalized one-on-one Tuscan Cuisine cooking instructions (either privately or by joining a small group) then you’ve landed in the right place. Never before has mastering the cooking secrets and fundamental principles of Tuscan Cuisine been this fun and enjoyable!

Along the way, discover some of the secrets of Tuscan cuisine that you will never find in cookbooks or internet recipes, like:

  • The ancient way to keep pesto bright green and make it creamy without using any cream.
  • How to make the perfect cheese sauce with only two basic ingredients.
  • How a Tuscan knows when their oil has reached the perfect temperature without using a thermometer.
  • How to ensure you get the perfect al-dente pasta every time, no matter which kind you are cooking.
  • The right way to use garlic with your bruschetta so that it compliments without overwhelming.
  • The simple trick to make potatoes crispy every time.
  • Why an Italian never adds oil to pasta water or rinses pasta after cooking it.

"I’m now offering a 6 week course (which is over 15 HOURS of private virtual LIVE cooking classes via ZOOM) that’ll teach you how to createTuscan dishes that are so shockingly good, they’re even better and more authentic than the dishes typically served at most Italian restaurants. You can join a small group class, or opt for one-on-one instruction from me for the entire course.

These cooking instructionwill go well beyond the typical meatballs, Carbonara, or pizza that youll find on the menus at many restaurants. What youll discover are family-based Tuscan dishes that have been carefully refined and cooked by some of the most amazing Italians, including my Nonna and with the most humble and freshest of ingredients.

Now Im not only teaching everything I’ve learned and mastered from all my years as a culinary chef and from my own grandma herself, but I’ll also show you how to think and cook like a real Tuscan in your very own kitchen.

The Tuscan cooking skills youll master during these step-by-step classes will last an entire lifetime! Im confident that once you experience how much joy this type of cooking will bring into your life, youll wish you started years ago."

Chef Davide Cerretini

Discover Your Love & Passion for Tuscan Cooking

I believe the best way for you to learn how to master the art of Tuscan cooking is by doing it in a way that is fun, relaxed, and entertaining. Cooking should be celebrated and enjoyed. When you join my exclusive cooking classes, Ill help you discover a new love and passion for Tuscan cooking.

Learn How to Cook with Confidence & Radiant Joy

Ive carefully designed these cooking classes to take you from where you are (even if youre completely new) to become confident in your own Tuscan cooking skillsEverything youll learn will build on each other, making for a joyful cooking experience.

Put Yourself on the Fast track to cooking success

Since youll be learning directly from an experienced chef, youll save time and avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes if you were to try and learn on your own.Youll fast track the entire learning experience down into a matter of a few hours vs. months or years.

Still not sure if it's for you? Take a look at what's included in the course outline below....



  • Pasta Sauces
  • Bases for Sauces
  • 2-3 Ingredient Recipes

The first step concept is laying down the basic techniques for pasta sauces and soffritto (sauce base). In this first session you will start to understand the way of cooking in Italian families and what the essential ingredients are in their kitchens. You’ll learn how to make a creamy cheese sauce without the use of cream, how to finish cooking the pasta in the sauce, how to infuse butter and herbs and how prepare condiments following just a few simple steps. You’ll also discover the secrets to making the perfect Aglio, Olio and Peperoncino as a sauce or base for other dishes.

After this session you’ll be able to understand all basic Tuscan pasta sauce concepts, use less ingredients with better results, create the starting base for various dishes and improve your way of cooking Italian food with more attention to important details.

  1. Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino
    (garlic, olive oil and peperoncino)
  2. Cacio & Pepe con Zucchine 
    (creamy cheese-black pepper-zucchini sauce)
  3. Sweet Bell Pepper & Basil Sauce
  4. Infused Sage & Butter Sauce
  5. Arugula and Walnut Pesto Toscano


  • The difference between a sauce and a soffrito.
  • Matching sauces with and why it makes such a difference. 
  • Making creamy cheese sauce that tastes amazing without the use of any cream.
  • The right way to use garlic in in your sauces and soffritos.
  • Using Peperoncino and other strong spices without overwhelming the aromas.
  • How and why to use fresh herbs instead of dry spices.
  • Improving the flavor of your dishes without changing any of the ingredients.
  • How to plan your recipes ahead of time so you can shop effectively.



  • Tuscan Salads
  • Dressing
  • Bruschetta
  • Crostini
  • Soup

This unit will concentrate on deep diving into these specific and unique Tuscan antipasti. You will learn details about preparing simple rustic dishes with basic ingredients for typical appetizers or sauces and the importance of paying attention to details especially when working with just a few ingredients.

After this session you’ll be able to recreate authentic Tuscan antipasti using your new skills and knowledge.

  1. Minestra di Fagioli
    (Tuscan cannellini bean and pasta thick soup)
  2. Panzanella
    (Bread and tomato salad)
  3. Pears & Pecorino salad with balsamic-honey dressing
  4. Bruschetta and Crostini


  • How to prepare delicate and flavorful appetizers, soups and salads using fresh ingredients.
  • Core concepts of rustic, peasant cuisine.
  • Making delicious and filling low budget meals.
  • How to avoid the mistakes that most people make with antipasti.



  • Comfort Food
  • Twice Cooking
  • Stewing
  • Slow Cooking

In this third unit we will prepare three of the most important dishes for you to learn about in Tuscan cuisine. The class will cover different must-know techniques for braising, stewing and slow cooking which are essential and can be used with many other ingredients and recipes. Choosing the ingredients, timing and prep will help you to switch your way of cooking for good. You will learn what you can do if you like to braise game, chicken or meat and the proper order in which to add each ingredient during the slow cooking process.

At the end of this session you’ll be able to recreate Tuscan dishes better than restaurant quality, understand the timing and choice of ingredients. You’ll know what native people eat and how.

You’ll now reproduce the same flavors and the same authentic aromas that you find only in Italy.

  1. Chicken and Twice Cooked Potato Stew 'In Umido'
  2. Braised Short Ribs in a Tomato-Red Wine Reduction
  3. Peperonata
    (Sweet pepper, olives, onion and basil stew)


  • How to braise, stew and slow cook.
  • How to use bread, polenta and veggies for rustic recipes.
  • Timing and procedures of preparation.
  • Preparations of Tuscan beans, kale and veggies.
  • Tips, suggestions and secrets of old typical dishes.



  • Meat Sauce
  • Pici Pasta from scratch
  • Risotto

The highlights of this unit will be learning how to make the fresh pasta called Pici from Siena, the most ancient pasta in Italy and probably in the world. You will learn how to prepare it with not much effort and all by hand, with just a few simple steps. You will learn the difference between this ancient pasta and the other types, like pappardelle, tagliatelle etc. You will learn how to make the typical Tuscan meat sauce that can be used for many other dishes including lasagna, cannelloni and baked pasta in general. Finally you’ll learn all the secrets and tips to make a perfect Tuscan risotto, how to use dry Porcini mushroom, cook the rice perfectly al dente, and create the perfect cremosity without the use of cream.

At the end of this session you will know how to prepare fresh pasta without mess and little effort, you will know the concept and the secrets and shortcuts. You’ll understand timing and what to do to recreate a perfect authentic risotto. You’ll know the secrets of Tuscan meat sauce and be able to use that concept with different meats and vegetables of your choice.

  1. Fresh handmade Pici Senesi pasta
  2. Risotto with artichokes, leeks, saffron and Pecorino
  3. Tuscan meat sauce


How to create authentic dishes in minutes.
How to make a Tuscan ragu’ in minutes.
How to use and what to use for your Tuscan recipes.
How to prepare traditional side dishes with basic ingredients.
Know which are the vegetables most used.
Prepare delicious dishes with little effort.
Use of Olive oil, prosciutto and other products.
How to properly prepare pasta al Dente.
Know why less ingredients is better than more ingredients.
How to make the crostini, bruschetta and pane and pomodoro in the right way.
Switch your grocery with new ingredients.



  • Pan Roasting
  • Steaming
  • Shellfish Pasta

The fifth session concept is all dedicated to seafood and coastal cooking. Tuscany is a never ending source of recipes, ingredients and history. Seafood is an important part of Tuscan cuisine and learning how to prepare it and eat it like locals do is of crucial importance. The simple way of cooking is similar in the whole region but few important changes need to be made when it comes down to seafood. You will learn how to cook three dishes that will cover three different ways of preparing seafood meals and at the same time keeping the quintessential Tuscan flair. You will learn the origin and the full concept that Italians have of seafood.

At the end of this session you’ll know how to prepare authentic seafood dishes in short time, be able to maximize the flavors and understand how the concept of eating seafood is different in Italy. You’ll already know some of the most important techniques for cooking fish.

  1. Steamed clams and mussels white wine-lemon sauce
  2. Pan roasted sea bass, capers, tomato, olives
  3. “Spaghetti allo scoglio” seafood-shellfish spaghetti


  • How to cook with wine and keep the fish moist and the sauce elegant.
  • Which seafood to pair with which pasta.
  • The Italian principles of cooking seafood.


Dinner with Friends & Family

Your final class is a celebration of what you have learned so far, where you can invite your friends and family to join you via Zoom and cook along too! Or invite them to your house for a feast, as we will be making one full Tuscan meal from start to finish. You will prepare an antipasti, a small pasta dish, a salad and a main course for your guests, showcasing your new skills and proficiency in the kitchen. 

  1. Roasted mushrooms stuffed with sausage and cheese
  2. Pappardelle with asparagus, leeks and lemon
  3. Figs, walnuts, goat cheese salad with orange-honey glaze dressing
  4. Pork medallions with prosciutto, Fontina and infused butter-white wine- sage sauce


  • How to prepare a full meal with 4 courses.

  • Familiarity with timing.
  • Several helpful shortcuts for when you have large parties.
  • How to prepare meals that look elaborate in a short time.
  • How to properly combine different courses.
  • How to prepare a glaze dressing for salad or appetizers.
  • How to prepare a simple vegetable ragu in minutes.
  • How to stuff mushrooms.
  • How to prepare different dishes at the same time.

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You can cancel any booking within 24 hours for a full refund. If you cancel 14 days before your first class begins you will receive a 50% refund. After that time we don't offer a refund, but you can transfer your place to anyone else at any point in the course for them to complete it instead of you. 

Do I need any special equipment or supplies?

Nope! Tuscan food has been cooked in humble homes with minimal equipment for centuries...we are carrying on that tradition. 
How do I choose which dishes I want to cook for the private classes?

Chef Davide will contact you personally after you book to discuss your options and help you work out the dishes for each of your courses. If you are joining a small group then the dishes will be pre-selected for you, but you can always reach out to chef Davide for help selecting substitutions if a dish contains ingredients you would rather avoid. 

What if I can't make it to a class?

If you have chosen the small group option you can mix and match the classes you attend each week, so there will be 2 other options if you can't make your regular day and time. If you can't make it to any of them you will still be receiving a recording of the class so you can follow along in your own time. 

If you choose the one-on-one classes you can contact chef Davide up to 5 days before any class to reschedule.

What if I'm vegetarian, vegan or gluten free?
There are a multitude of vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten free dishes available in Tuscan food. If you have chosen the one-on-one course, Chef Davide will work with you to make sure your course contains only the food you want to cook. If you are joining the small group course he will help you with substitutes.
What if I am a total newbie in the kitchen?
Do not fear! You will find that you have more than enough support to start at whatever skill level you possess and progress rapidly. All classes, whether small group or one-on-one are totally interactive and you can ask chef Davide to slow down or explain things further any time you need to. 
What if I am practically Gordon Ramsay...will I gain anything from this course?
No matter how much experience you have in the kitchen, unless you grew up living and breathing Tuscan cooking you will learn new skills and master new techniques on this course. Tuscan cuisine is a living example of centuries of finely honed practices and flavors that will be an incredible complement to your existing skillset. 
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