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Cooking Demo with Tasting in Tuscany

These cooking demos are designed for beginners and focus on traditional rustic Tuscan food. 

The purpose is to guide attendees in learning the basic techniques at the core of Tuscan cuisine. Although it is enjoyable to learn complex recipes that require expertise, it is also true that most people are unlikely to spend hours in the kitchen making fresh pasta by hand and sauces that require a long time and extended preparation. We want you to be able to make these dishes every day and not have it be a special event. These demos are focusing on typical Tuscan dishes that require little effort and time. Creating something delicious with a few ingredients and in a short time will allow you to replicate those meals more often and therefore become a master.

These dishes represent rustic peasant food that Tuscan people have been eating for eons and still today form the everyday eating habits of Tuscan families. From the most traditional pasta like Pici all’Aglione, Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Cacio e Pepe, Pappardelle ai Porcini to some of the other favorite dishes, Salsicce e Fagioli, Beef Straccetti all’olio and many many more. Chef Davide will help you to pick the best recipes for you and your guest to maximize to the fullest your Tuscan experience.

There is also the option to include a tasting of two high end local wines to pair with the food.

These demos by chef Davide Cerretini will give you a deep insight into 3 local recipes of your choice. You’ll discover the techniques, little secrets and most of all, the mistakes to avoid.

Demos take place at your location in Tuscany. Participants watch as chef Davide prepares 3 local dishes, explaining the history, ingredients and techniques behind them, and everyone gets a small plate of each dish to taste. Questions, comments and participation is encouraged, and entertainment is guaranteed!

YOU WILL BE CHOOSING THREE OF THE DISHES FROM THE LIST BELOW. Once you have booked Chef Davide will contact you to go over the options and help you determine exactly the right menu for you.

Chef Davide has been teaching for over 20 years in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas and is fluent in English, Spanish and of course Italian language.

Item Basic Rate for 4 People Extra Adult
Demo and Tasting 390 EUR 45 EUR
Wine 100 EUR 20 EUR


(please contact chef Davide if you have a request for customization or more than 12 participants)

Regular price €390.00 EUR
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We offer a full refund within 24 hours of booking.

After that time, please see our Cancellation Policy (below).

Chef Davide will contact after you book to go through your menu, logistics and timing.

If your location is outside Volterra, Lajatico or San Gimignano area you’ll receive a separate invoice of €90 for travel expenses, due at the time of confirmation.

Important - Please Read!

Cancellation Policy

Please contact if you wish to cancel your booking.

We offer a full refund within 24 hours of booking.

After 24 hours have passed, we retain a percentage of the entire booking amount as a cancellation fee, depending on how much time remains before your event

 From To Amount of original booking retained as cancellation fee 
Reservation Day 50 days until date of booked service 30%
49 days until date of booked service 30 days until date of booked service 50%
29 days until date of booked service 15 days until date of booked service 70%
14 days until date of booked service 0 days until date of booked service 100%

Service Requirements

  1. The Chef need access to the kitchen at least an hour before the start of the event

  2. The kitchen must be clean and free of any personal belonging

  3. The event will start at the schedule time even if not all the guests are present

  4. We will not provide silverware, plates and glassware, make sure to have the necessary on stock

  5. We will use any utensils and pantry available in the kitchen if necessary

  6. Make sure oven and stove are properly working

  7. The dining or working table must be set up by you prior the chef arrival

  8. If kids are present please make sure to monitor them closely and kept off the kitchen and service area

  9.  At the end our team will leave the kitchen clean but not the dining table if guests are still sitting

  10.  Estimate time of event may vary based on the type of menu

  11.  We are not responsible for missing or stolen articles

  12.  Dogs must be kept on leash and off the kitchen and service area at all times

  13.  If any of these requirements are not in place we reserve the right to leave the premises at any time without providing any service and/or any refund

  14.  Please advise the chef of any allergy and/or dietary requirement prior to preparation starting

Travel Policy

A 90 EUR travel flat fee will apply to any area outside Volterra, San Gimignano and Lajatico.

Travel charges will be applied once the booking is confirmed. 

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Dishes to Choose From

PANZANELLA - Traditional Florentine bread, tomato, basil, cucumber salad

POMODORI RIPIENI DI PANZANELLA - Fresh tomatoes filled with Panzanella

MELANZANE SOTTO PESTO - Livornese eggplant scapece

FAGIOLINI IN UMIDO - Tuscan green beans braised with tomato

SALVIA FRITTA - Fried sage leaves

CROSTINI TOSCANI - Tuscan crostini with chicken liver pate’

CROSTINI DEL CHIANTI - Traditional Chianti area crostini, bread on bread

CROSTINI CAVOLO E SALSICCIA -Tuscan kale and sausage crostini

BRUSCHETTE MISTE - Bruschetta, tomato & basil, beans & sage, rosemary & garlic

SALSICCE E FAGIOLI - Tuscan sausage and beans, sage and tomato

STRACCETTI ALL’ OLIO - Sauteed beef strips with garlic, rosemary and oil

GUAZZETTO COZZE E VONGOLE - Steamed mussels and clams with wine sauce

FETTINE  AL PROSCIUTTO E FONTINA - Pork scaloppini with prosciutto & Fontina

SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO E PEPERONCINO - Spaghetti garlic, oil and peperoncino

SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE - Spaghetti fresh clams and wine sauce

PAPPARDELLE AI PORCINI - Egg pappardelle dry with Porcini-butter sauce

PAPPARDELLE AL PESTO DI RUCOLA E NOCI - Egg pappardelle, arugula-walnut pesto

PAPPARDELLE COZZAMARA - Egg pappardelle, mussels, sausage and peperoncino

PASTA E FAGIOLI - Tuscan Cannellini beans and pasta thick soup

PASTA E CECI - Garbanzo beans and pasta thick soup

PICI CACIO E PEPE - Artisan Pici Sanesi with Pecorino cheese sauce

PICI ALL’ AGLIONE - Artisan Pici Senesi with garlic-tomato sauce

PACCHERI ALLA NORCINA - Paccheri with porcini, sausage, cream sauce

PACCHERI PANCETTA E PORCINI RAGU - Paccheri with Porcini and pancetta ragu’

PACCHERI ALLA ZOZZONA - Paccheri with sausage Pancetta, eggs and Pecorino

PENNE GAMBERI FLAMBÈ AL BRANDY - Penne shrimps, flambe’ pink brandy sauce

PENNE OLIVE, ACCIUGHE E CAPPERI - Penne anchovies, olives, capers

PENNE POMODORO BASILICO E - MOZZARELLA Penne tomato, basil, mozzarella


RIBOLLITA - Traditional bread, kale, beans, veggies twice cooked thick soup

PAPPA AL POMODORO - Tuscan bread, tomato, basil thick soup

PASTA E FAGIOLI - Pasta and Cannellini beans thick soup

PEPERONATA - Stewed bell peppers, potatoes and basil

ZUPPA DI FARRO - Tuscan Barley Farro, beans, veggies thick soup

PICI CACIO E PEPE - Artisan Pici with Pecorino cheese sauce

PICI ALL’ AGLIONE - Artisan Pici with garlic and tomato 

PACCHERI ALLA NORCINA - Paccheri with sausage, Porcini, creamy sauce

PACCHERI AL SUGO TOSCANO - Paccheri with Tuscan meat ragu’

RISOTTO CARCIOFI PECORINO E ZAFFERANO - Risotto artichokes, Pecorino, saffron

RISOTTO AL NERO DI SEPPIA - Black squid ink risotto with cuttlefish squid

RISOTTO GUANCIALE E PORCINI -Risotto pork cheek and porcini

SPAGHETTI ALLO SCOGLIO - Spaghetti with fresh shellfish

SPAGHETTI ALLA BOTTARGA - Spaghetti Bottarga mullet roe, garlic, oil, peperoncino

SPAGHETTI ALLE VONGOLE - Spaghetti fresh clams white wine sauce

INVOLTINI DI POLLO - Rolls of chicken  with prosciutto, mozzarella, sage-butter sauce

BRACIOLINE RIPIENE - Braised beef rolls with Cotto ham, cheese, tomato sauce

STUFATO DI POLLO E PATATE - Tuscan chicken and potatoes stew

PENNE PEPERONI E MASCARPONE -Penne with sweet pepper sauce and Mascarpone

PENNE PANCETTA E PORCINI RAGU -Penne with Pancetta and Porcini ragu’

PENNE COZZE SALSICCIA E PEPERONCINO - Penne sausage, mussels and peperoncino

GUAZZETTO DI COZZE E VONGOLE - Steamed clams and mussels with wine broth

COZZE DEL TRAMONTO - Baked fresh mussels with tomato-egg sauce

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