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The Spaghetti Show! Downloadable E-Book + Videos

'The Spaghetti Show' is a downloadable package consisting of video recordings and recipes from live classes taught by Chef Davide Cerretini. He has chosen his personal favourite Tuscan meals for this collection, the secret family recipes that were passed down to him by his grandmother during his childhood in the tiny and ancient village of Collemontanino, in Tuscany, Italy. 

There are 21 dishes in all - 10 main courses and 10 side dishes, and a bonus favorite by special request: Eggplant Parmesan. Each meal comes with its own pre-recorded video class, so you can pause and rewind as Chef Davide guides you through the cooking process, as well as full ingredient lists and written recipes. Every recipe is made from scratch (yes, that includes the sauce), and every meal comes with an authentic Tuscan flavour you won’t find in any westernized Italian restaurant…The only place to experience it is inside 'The Spaghetti Show'.

  • Hours of content to watch at your own speed, pause, rewind, replay as often as you want.
  • Each dish comes with its own video class, ingredient list and recipe so you can reproduce them again and again.
  • A wine pairing is included for every meal if you want to elevate your experience and get a true taste of Tuscany.
  • The dishes are simple, and easy to make and require no special equipment or techniques (newbie Friendly)!
  • 100% authentic Italian food straight from Nonna's kitchen!
  • Learn from a real Italian chef (hand gestures included).
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