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SALSICCE E FAGIOLI TOSCANE (Tuscan sausage and beans)

Pretty much every country in the world has a dish made with sausages and beans. But nothing tastes like the Tuscan Salsicce & Fagioli. This is a complete authentic Tuscan meal, rich, filling and absolutely delicious. Anyone can prepare it perfectly after this class. In 30 minutes you’ll be able to replicate a dish handed to us from generations of Tuscan grandmas.

Fresh sausages, Cannellini beans, fresh sage, garlic and tomatoes. It’s easy to learn a few simple steps and it will become one of your favorite dishes to prepare immediately.

These are ingredients easy to find for everyone and everywhere. All you need is one pan and a wooden spoon. Discover one of the most authentic and rustic recipes of Tuscany in the most fun and effortless way.

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    When you sign up for a class you'll receive an ingredient list. Purchase and prep the food before the class begins.

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    At the time of the class you join Chef Davide live on Zoom and cook the dishes along with him.

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    You relax and eat your delicious, authentic Tuscan meal!

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