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Wine and Charcuterie Tasting in Tuscany


Treat yourself and your guests to an afternoon of wine and charcuterie tasting at your location with celebrity chef Davide Cerretini. He brings everything to you so you can relax and enjoy sampling some of the delicious local cheeses and meats, along with tasting (and learning about) the outstanding wines of this beautiful region.

Born and raised in Tuscany, chef Davide has insider knowledge of the best produce available....for generations his family have been producing wine, olive oil, pasta, bread and prosciutto in the areas around Volterra, Morrona and Casciana Terme. And of course, he loves the local wines more than anything. From the coastal Bolgheri to the Brunello, Vermentino, Vernaccia, high-end Chianti and the never ending traditional and new blends spread all over the region, he has developed a deep knowledge and appreciation of the wine of his homeland over his years as a restauranteur and chef.

And nothing is better than combining these gems with a local Pecorino, Guanciale, Prosciutto Toscano, Soppressata,  crostini and other handcrafted treasures that only true locals know how and where to find. Especially the best olive oil, which comes directly from his family! This olive oil is so good that when his grandmother died some years back her last wish (honored to this day) is that her brother's family continue to supply her children and grandchildren with a portion of the yearly harvest, as they always had done. Thus Davide is gifted a precious few bottles each year, and this he shares with you (until it is gone and we must wait for the next year!) 

In Toscana It is not just what people eat, but how they pair all these products together that makes them enjoyable to the fullest. Immerse yourself in the variety of flavors and stories that Chef Davide will bring to you, giving you an insightful picture of life in Tuscany before and now and the flavors that make it so distinctive.

This aperi-vino tasting includes 2 prestigious local wines, exclusive artisan local cheeses and traditional cured meats of the highest quality available. Chef Davide will help you to customize the tasting according to your requests and will travel to your location to provide the tasting. He is fluent in Spanish, Italian and of course English, having had an international career of over 30 years in the restaurant business in San Francisco, California.

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    When you sign up for a class you'll receive an ingredient list. Purchase and prep the food before the class begins.

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    At the time of the class you join Chef Davide live on Zoom and cook the dishes along with him.

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    You relax and eat your delicious, authentic Tuscan meal!


We offer a full refund within 24 hours of booking.

After that time, please see our Cancellation Policy (below).

Chef Davide will contact after you book to go through your menu, logistics and timing.

If your location is outside Volterra, Lajatico or San Gimignano area you’ll receive a separate invoice of €90 for travel expenses, due at the time of confirmation.

Important - Please Read!

Cancellation Policy

Please contact if you wish to cancel your booking.

We offer a full refund within 24 hours of booking.

After 24 hours have passed, we retain a percentage of the entire booking amount as a cancellation fee, depending on how much time remains before your event

 From To Amount of original booking retained as cancellation fee 
Reservation Day 50 days until date of booked service 30%
49 days until date of booked service 30 days until date of booked service 50%
29 days until date of booked service 15 days until date of booked service 70%
14 days until date of booked service 0 days until date of booked service 100%

Chef Service Requirements

  1. The Chef need access to the kitchen at least an hour before the start of the event

  2. The kitchen must be clean and free of any personal belonging

  3. The event will start at the schedule time even if not all the guests are present

  4. We will not provide silverware, plates and glassware, make sure to have the necessary on stock

  5. We will use any utensils and pantry available in the kitchen if necessary

  6. Make sure oven and stove are properly working

  7. The dining or working table must be set up by you prior the chef arrival

  8. If kids are present please make sure to monitor them closely and kept off the kitchen and service area

  9.  At the end our team will leave the kitchen clean but not the dining table if guests are still sitting

  10.  Estimate time of event may vary based on the type of menu

  11.  We are not responsible for missing or stolen articles

  12.  Dogs must be kept on leash and off the kitchen and service area at all times

  13.  If any of these requirements are not in place we reserve the right to leave the premises at any time without providing any service and/or any refund

  14.  Please advise the chef of any allergy and/or dietary requirement prior to preparation starting

Travel Policy

A 90 EUR travel flat fee will apply to any area outside Volterra, San Gimignano and Lajatico.

Travel charges will be applied once the booking is confirmed. 

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