One-of-a-kind cooking classes

With The One Star Chef
One Michelin Star? 

You wish.

Step into a world where culinary art meets entertainment, with a maverick chef who has inspired new ways to approach the restaurant industry all over the world. 

Let's hope for the best.


Davide Cerretini is a rebellious chef who made an impact  on the entire hospitality industry in the USA with his controversial stand against the restaurant business status quo.  Always uncompromisingly true to the authentic flavors of his Tuscan roots, Chef Davide is best known for his fearless outside-the-box thinking and a uniquely funny take on life. His quest to achieve the goal of having the lowest rating ever on Yelp as a form of public protest garnered him fans all over the world and secured him the hard-earned title of 'The One Star Chef'.


After a 30 year career in Los Angeles and San Francisco, his exclusive, in-person classes are available in the UK for the very first time. 

Or the last. 

Could go either way.

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In-Person Classes

All classes take place at Chef Davide's home in Kent. Please contact him if you would like to discuss hosting a class in another venue. 

Zoom Classes

Uncompromisingly Authentic Food

Unapologetically Authentic Attitude