The One Star Chef

"The chef who flipped the online review ecosystem on its head."
The Hustle
4 images of Davide Cerretini. The first is a black and white image of him smiling in his restaurant, wearing a white chef coat. In the second it is a colour photo and he is holding two plates of food and gesturing with his finger raised. The third is also colour and he is jokingly holding a knife to his throat, wearing a triped apron. The fourth is black and white and he is in his restaurant wearing a white chef coat and raising a glass of wine to the camera with a smile on his face.

Chef Davide Cerretini is as entertaining as he is controversial.

Where others seek conformity, Davide embraces distinctiveness. He goes where others fear to tread, charting his own path in the culinary world and beyond.

You can rest assured that his food is as authentic as his personality.

A larger than life character, he holds nothing back when it comes to stirring the pot.

 Chef • Restaurant Coach • One Star Collector

"Cerretini's strategy wouldn’t have been funny or helpful if he didn’t genuinely make great food that people love".

Ashley Adams, Internet Reputation

As Seen On:

Logo of the radio show Sideways showing Mathew Syed smiling against a colorful background.
December, 2023. 
Listen as Chef Davide is interviewed by Mathew Syed in this eye opening episode of Sideways.
51. The One Star ChefSideways

Chef Davide Interview on 'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah
Billion Dollar Bully - Documentary Starring Chef Davide
"Genius? Check. Evil Genius? Check. I love when restaurants stick it to the man"

Lauryn Paiva, Blisstree


Cooking Classes

Chef Davide offers a variety of cooking classes in the UK, from demos to hands-on, public and private, in his kitchen, the guest's kitchen, or a different venue. Classes are offered both in-person and via Zoom and are easy to follow, educational, and always entertaining. Chef Davide has been teaching classes for the last 20 years from his restaurants in California, and is well known for his story telling and and the traditional and simple methods he passes down with each class.

Private Dining

Chef Davide, with his years of international experience in both private and public dining, made a name for himself by offering unique and authentic Tuscan cuisine in the multiple restaurants he owned in California. His culinary range spans from crafting simple, rustic dishes perfect for a casual dinner to preparing sophisticated fare for prestigious events. Davide not only brings a warm, friendly vibe to the kitchen but also contributes his invaluable expertise. Depending on your preference, guests can join him in the culinary experience, engaging directly in the cooking process, or simply relish the delightful meals he expertly creates behind the scenes.

Personal Chef

Chef Davide offers his expertise as a personal chef, ideal for individuals and families seeking a culinary professional in their homes. His services are perfect for those looking for a dedicated chef to prepare daily meals, cater to specific dietary needs, and add a touch of culinary excellence to their everyday dining. With his extensive international experience and proficiency in English, Spanish, and Italian, Chef Davide brings a diverse range of flavors and dishes to your table. 

Restaurant Coaching

Drawing from decades of experience as a chef and restaurant owner, Davide offers tailored advice to help you navigate the complex world of hospitality. Whether you're struggling with customer service, menu design, or staff management, our coaching services provide practical solutions and innovative strategies to overcome challenges and enhance your restaurant's performance. Connect with Davide to transform your establishment and lead it towards unprecedented success.

An image of two identical book mockups against a table and grey background. The text says 'Coming Soon! A BOOK WITH NO SHAME'. The book title is Fork Off and shows Chef Davide in a kitchen throwing a single star icon into a flame in a kitchen.

Look for it on shelves in 2024!

The long-awaited story of exactly which forces are responsible for shaping Davide Cerretini, and how his audacious badassery has really pissed some people off.