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Chef Davide brings a wealth of experience as a personal chef, having worked with numerous high-profile individuals over his career. Although based in the UK, his culinary journey has taken him across Europe and the USA (where he owned multiple restaurants over the last 25 years) and he is available for travel to most international locations. His expertise extends to crafting a wide array of dishes tailored to the unique tastes and dietary needs of each family member. Whether it's for a special event or over multiple days, Chef Davide is well practiced in creating bespoke menus and meal plans.

An invaluable asset in any kitchen, Chef Davide is not only adept at managing restaurant teams but also excels in running private kitchens with efficiency and attention to detail. His experience with celebrities and VIPs has honed his skills in leading kitchen operations smoothly, overseeing everything from storage and meal preparation to catering for groups in residential settings.

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian, Davide's versatility and leadership make him an ideal choice as a personal chef. 

  • Free consultation with Chef Davide

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Available for international travel

  • Assistance with training kitchen staff

  • Able to accommodate special requests and dietary needs

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What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Chef Davide is dedicated to providing exceptional culinary experiences tailored to your personal tastes and requirements. To ensure the highest level of service and commitment to our clients, we have established the following cancellation policy.

Payment Terms:

- Deposit: A deposit of 50% of the total service fee is required to secure your booking. This deposit guarantees the availability of our personal chef for your event and will be credited towards your final invoice.

- Final Payment: The remaining 50% of the service fee is due upon completion of the job, ensuring your complete satisfaction with our services.

Travel and Accommodation Expenses:

- Pre-Payment Required: All travel and accommodation expenses for the personal chef must be covered by the client. These expenses will be estimated and agreed upon in advance, and are required to be prepaid.

- Refunds: In the event of a cancellation 30+ days before travel has occurred, all pre-paid travel and accommodation expenses will be fully refunded. If  it is a late cancellation (less than 30 days) we will retain the travel expenses you have already paid and deduct them from your final bill. We understand that plans can change, and we aim to be as flexible as possible in accommodating such situations.

Cancellation Policy:

- Notice Period: 

If you cancel your booking 60+ days before your event we will return 100% of your deposit and nothing further will be due.

If you cancel 30+ days before your event we will retain 100% of your deposit, but nothing further will be due.

- Late Cancellation: If a cancellation is made within 30 days of the event date, the full amount of the service fee will be due, to cover the costs of preparations already undertaken and loss of other potential bookings.


- Pricing and Payments: Please note that all prices are calculated in UK Pounds (£). We require all payments to be made in this currency, ensuring clarity and consistency in our pricing.


If you have any questions about our cancellation policy or need further clarification on any point, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to make your culinary experience unforgettable and hassle-free.