The One Star Chef

"The chef who flipped the online review ecosystem on its head."
The Hustle
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Sideways, Dec. 2023

51. The One Star Chef

When chef and independent restaurateur Davide Cerretini first opened his restaurant, it was a dream come true. But that dream quickly soured when he came head to head with ever more pushy and demanding customers. And then online reviews came along...

In this story of how one man took on his critics, Matthew Syed examines the role of online reviews - good and bad- in modern consumer culture and delves into whether the customer really is "always right".

Featuring Davide Cerretini, restaurant critic Jay Rayner, Dr Jo Cohen and Ewa Maslowska.

Presenter: Matthew Syed

A Novel production for BBC Radio 4

'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah

Desi Lydic meets with a restaurant owner who claims Yelp extorts businesses and one of Yelp’s community managers (and former “Bachelor”) Ben Flajnik who defends the company’s policies.

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The Hustle

The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews. How one small business owner flipped the online review ecosystem on its head. Read here.

'Billion Dollar Bully' Documentary

An investigative documentary that examines allegations against Yelp regarding extortion, review manipulation, and review fabrication, starring Davide Cerretini.

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Kim Komando Show

Interview with Kim Komando. Listen here.

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NTD News

Chef Forges Career as One-Star Chef to Expose Billion-Dollar Company. Watch here.

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Welt, Germany

Davide Vs. Goliath. So machten schlechte Bewertungen einen Koch zum Kult-Helden. Read here.

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SoCal Radio Show Podcast

Davide Cerretini, the "One Star" chef. Listen here.

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Restaurant Owner Beats the Yelp System by Asking Customers for 1-Star Reviews. Read here.

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Il Terreno, Italy

La battaglia contro Yelp ora è un docufilm e lo chef livornese diventa una star in Usa. Read here.

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If you want to judge a restaurant, try it's food. Read here.