From 1 Star Chef to Artificial Intelligence

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Davide Cerretini was born and raised in Tuscany Italy, and forged his career as a chef and restaurateur in the San Francisco Bay Area, climbing his way up in one of the most competitive restaurant scenes in the world for three decades.

His vision and business model has always been unique and against the trends. With his extremely Italian wit, snark and authenticity he often grabbed the attention of local media and gathered thousands of followers from all over the Bay Area.

He reached the peak of his fame when his battle against the review platform Yelp went viral and he became the small business owner's hero overnight. It was an extremely controversial feud that he won in the most funny and entertaining way, to the extent that the story has been discussed in dozens of podcasts and articles all over the world and is featured in a documentary film (Billion Dollar Bully) and on The Daily Show.

Davide beat his Goliath

His is an incredible story of how he created a parallel universe where he thrives but everything is upside down. The good reviews are bad and the bad ones are good. A place where things are done in completely the opposite way to any other restaurant, yet have a positive successful impact. A situation which for any other business would have had catastrophic consequences, for Davide ended up being a safe bet. 

This phenomenon has been discussed and analyzed by many, understood by few and emulated by no one. Davide's strategy was even studied at  a convention of the United Nation as a potential tool for internet counter-terrorism purposes.

Today Davide tells his incredible story, explaining the insight and the thinking behind his actions. He delivers a highly entertaining, provocative and controversial speech that can’t be ignored, with unavoidable Italian flair. Reading about it just doesn’t do it justice.

To hear different perspectives such as his helps business owners to enlarge their vision and realize that there are other ways to do business, and that sometimes the craziest thoughts can turn out to be the best. Opportunities are out there, but they are often in completely the opposite direction from where we're looking.


This is a story that will inspire many young entrepreneurs and motivate the more seasoned ones, it will show that creativity, personality and commitment goes hand in hand with The American Dream.

Today you’ll hear the story of how Davide Cerretini became 'The One Star Chef'.


Who Needs This Keynote?

  • Small Business owners who feel like they are forced to embrace a system that they don’t believe in.

  • Small Business owners who feel trapped under the pressure of social media and review platforms, who are in continuous distress trying to keep up with marketing, credibility and brand image.

  • Small Business owners who want a fresh start with new inspirations, motivations and ways of thinking.

  • People who want to open a new business and want to learn more about the less obvious difficulties a business owner must face every day.

What Will The Audience Learn?

  • Davide demonstrates, using his story as a guide, how social media pressure has changed the way small businesses operate, and what they can do to future-proof themselves against the impact of this growing industry. 

  • How to profile and attract their optimal customers with examples and simple gimmicks, using creativity and imagination. They will learn to communicate different signals to the public with specific examples from Davide. Fun stuff to watch and absorb.

  • How to direct their customers so that they can turn any negative impact to their advantage.

  • Why looking for opportunity in the places where no one dares to look can be the key to success. He will help them identify their own zone of genius and how to turn a problem into an advantage. Yes it can be done.

  • How to market specific products or services with more engaging results, conquer new customers and create a buzz among your business, and at the same time get more attention from the media and promote your business at zero cost. Let them know you are here!

  • Where to look for new technologies, what is next for small business owners to overcome What new tools will be available and where to find them. They are coming and we must be ready for them. No one knows exactly what lies ahead of us and no one has all the answers, but there are a few that Davide has.

  • They will learn that a stroke of genius and utter foolishness sometimes go hand in hand. 

Turning the Tables

Davide has already proved that a completely different approach can be as successful, if not more successful, than what the crowd is doing. Having a long term vision that goes beyond what the system dictates to us frees business owners and also customers from reliance on the system. 

In the last decade, because of social media and the attention on the hospitality business, the restaurant owner's life has become one of everyday servitude, trying to accommodate everyone and going overboard to keep up with unprecedented customer requests. It is a completely different job than the restaurant business should be. It doesn't come down anymore to how good the food and service is, because the image has taken center stage. 

As a restaurant owner you become trapped, and as a customer you start to feel used and manipulated by social media. Stepping back and getting a clear understanding of the paradigm, the bubble, that everything is operating within at the moment allows everyone to realize that they have way more choice than they thought they had, and more control too. 

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